BCTV Drug & Alcohol Update

big_bctv_logo2_400x400COCA’s Drug & Alcohol Update
“Addiction within the Family”
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Berks County Television (BCTV)
6:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Join our host, Yvonne Stroman for another edition of the Council on Chemical Abuse “Drug and Alcohol Update!”  October’s show focused on Project Peace and the mentoring they do with students in middle and elementary schools. CLICK HERE to watch it online!

Recent Drug & Alcohol Update Shows

September 2017:  Keith Stoudt, Mike Reese & Yvonne Stroman talk about celebrating recovery and the Recovery Walk & Soberstock coming up Saturday, September 23, 2017. CLICK HERE to see the show online.

August 2017:  Hear first-hand from a parent of a child now in recovery from addiction. Tune in to watch “Addiction within the Family” HERE!

July 2017:  Yvonne Stroman, Melani Calabria from Treatment Access and Services Center (TASC) talk about services provided by TASC. CLICK HERE to watch this show online.

June 2017:  Yvonne spoke with Prevention Specialist Alicia Kline to talk about Prevention in the Parks! Watch the show online HERE.

May 2017: Tune into this month’s show HERE to see host Yvonne speak with two high school students about their views on drugs and alcohol use.

April 2017: Watch as high school students share their perspective on drug abuse in schools with Yvonne Stroman. CLICK HERE to watch the show online.

March 2017: This month two Reading Intermediate High School students from the JROTC program joined Yvonne to talk about the upcoming Kick Butts Day events. CLICK HERE to watch this month’s show online.

February 2017: February’s show focused on the upcoming Berks HOPE event on February 22. CLICK HERE to watch online.

January 2017: Sam Albert from Recovery Coaching Services joined Yvonne for this January’s show. CLICK HERE to watch online.

December 2016: Yvonne Stroman talks with Charles Hicka and Taniva Wiley about case management services at Easy Does It, Inc. Watch online HERE.

November 2016: Louise Foote from Caron Treatment Centers joined host Yvonne Stroman to speak about problem gambling. Watch the show online HERE.

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