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Contract-Related Documents

The Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA) contracts with local organizations for various prevention, intervention and treatment services. This area of the website is for the use of COCA provider agencies. If you have any questions about these documents, please contact us or call (610) 376-8669.  Click on the links below to view and/or download the following information.


UPDATE – 2018 Fiscal Budget Forms
UPDATE – 2018 Activity Codes
Fiscal Budget Forms Instructions
ACT 33 Compliance Certification

BILLING FORMS (updated 11/11)

Cost Reimbursement:

CCA Form 311 General
CCA 311 Instructions-General
CCA Form 314 Annual Fixed Assets Report
CCA Transitional House Occupancy Report

Fee for Service:

CCA 310 General
CCA 310 Pre-Treatment Groups
CCA 310 Early Recovery Support Groups
CCA Family Intervention)
CCA Student Assistance Program
CCA Tobacco Enforcement
MCR 11-12
MCR 12-13

DOH/SCA Contract (updated 10/10)

CR01 boilerplate
CR02 Appendix A without special initiatives
CR03 Attachment 1 Drug And Alcohol Activities Definitions version 1/03/2005
CR04 Appendix B Payment Provisions with County Match
CR05 Appendix D – SGT&C _Rev. 6/01
CR06 Appendix E – Audit Appendix _Rev. September 2003
CR07 Appendix F – Federal Lobbying Certification and Disclosure Forms
CR08 Appendix G – Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
CR09 Appendix H – Pro-Children Act of 1994
CR10 Appendix I _SAP_ final 7/14/2004
CR11 Appendix J – Commonwealth Travel & Subsistence Rates  Rev. 1/04

DDAP Operations Manual

Operations Manual 7/1/2015

DDAP Liability Determination Procedures (updated 7/28/10)

Client Liability Materials for Addiction Treatment Services
Client Liability Form 9/3/2008

DDAP Prevention Manual

Prevention Manual 7/1/2015

DDAP Treatment Manual

Treatment Manual 7/1/2015

DDAP Fiscal Manual

Fiscal Manual 7/1/2015


BERKS COUNTY 01-2013 FINAL (updated 1/1/2013)
If you have any questions about this document, please contact COCA at (610) 376-8669.


Click on each appendix below to download a PDF of the specific case management guidelines for Berks County. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact COCA at (610) 376-8669.

Appendix A – BDAP Screening Tool
Appendix B – PCPC Summary Sheet
Appendix C – Adolescent Placement Summary Sheet
Appendix D – Non-Treatment Needs Checklist
Appendix E – Inventory of Support Services
Appendix F – ICM Service Plan
Appendix G – ISS Matrix
Appendix H – ICM Discharge Form
Appendix I – Grievance and Appeals Acknowledgement
Appendix J – Grievance Reporting Form
Appendix K – Minimum Education Requirements
Appendix L – Intensive Case Managment Activity Report
Appendix M – Case Managment Resource Report 7/1/2006
Appendix N – Interim Services Resource List
Appendix O – Ancillary Services List
Appendix P – Outreach Model
Appendix Q – Service Guide Brochure
Appenidx R – Web Connect Treatment Management System Policy


Integrated Student Assistance Program (SAP) Assessment: Core Content Areas Best Practice Guidelines: BDAPSCA Guidelines and Mental Health Guidelines Aug 2005


Berks County SAP Service Provider Guidelines details the terms of service between COCA and SAP Service Providers. If you have any questions about this document, please contact COCA at (610) 376-8669.


Click on each appendix below to download SAP contract-related documents for Berks County. If you have any questions, please contact COCA at (610) 376-8669. Forms are PDF files unless indicated otherwise. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available to read these documents.

Attachment A SAP Reimbursement Rates (updated 12/14)
Attachment B Best Practice Guidelines
Attachment C Student Tracking Form
Attachment D SAP PROVIDER INVOICE (updated 12/14)
Attachment E SAP Invoice Report Summary (updated 12/14)
Attachment F PBPS Requirements for SAP
Attachment G SAP Credentialing Worksheet

County Related Documents

Berks County Human Services Plan 2015/16

Berks County Human Services Plan 12-13