NEWS: 2014 Annual Conference

Over 300 professionals gathered on Thursday, November 6, 2014 for our Annual Conference. This year’s conference was entitled “Blueprints for Recovery: Restoring Lives.” Like with anything that is built, a plan or blueprint is needed. Just as there are countless ways to build a house, there are many ways to construct one’s recovery. Activities for the day took a closer look at how the criminal justice system, social service and healthcare systems in particular, play a crucial role in helping the individual enter and sustain recovery.

In the morning, Delbert Boone presented as the Keynote Speaker. Delbert is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Clinical Psychotherapist. Over the last 25 years he has worked with addicts from all walks of life and by relating his own struggles with addiction, he has developed tools to help individuals who are seriously challenged by life. Delbert has been honored seven International Telly Awards and recognized for his outstanding contributions at the American Corrections Association Film Festivals for his video programs.

Once in the morning and once in the afternoon, participants had the opportunity to attend two workshops. A total of six workshops were offered on the following topics: Recovery Advocacy, Pathways to Recovery, Medication Assisted Recovery, Medical Marijuana, Drug Trends, and Mindfulness Mediation.

After lunch, Awards were presented to individuals and/or organizations exemplify the highest standards in the areas of addiction prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services. New for this year, the awards have been named after key figures in the history of the Council on Chemical Abuse.

This year’s award recipients were the following:
2014 Roger S. Hertz Education Award – Daniel Boone Area School District
2014 Joseph “Bud” Haines Community Award – Kutztown Strong & Brandywine Heights Community Task Force
2014 Francis “Fran” Drexler Public Safety Award – Corporal Detective Pasquale “Pat” Leporace
2014 Betty J. McDonough Treatment Award – Rick Snyderman, Caron Outpatient Services
2014 Algot “Al” Eckstrom Recovery Award – Jodi Holland, Executive Director, Easy Does It, Inc.
2014 President’s Award – Diane Shepler, Tyler J. Shepler Shine the Light
Thank you to all those who attended the conference this year! Information regarding the 2015 Annual Conference will be release late summer.


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