Addiction treatment is the management and care of a patient suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, in order to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of the disease upon the patient. It is important to know that no single treatment approach is appropriate for all individuals, and that sustained recovery may require multiple courses of treatment with multiple approaches, as is true for other illnesses or diseases.

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Notice to Individuals Receiving Substance Abuse Services: In accordance with Federal regulation, pregnant women are afforded preference with regard to access to treatment services funded by the Council. No provider of substance abuse services receiving Federal funds from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, including this organization, may discriminate against you on the basis of religion, a religious belief, a refusal to hold a religious belief, or a refusal to actively participate in a religious practice. If you object to the religious character of this organization, Federal law gives you the right to a referral to another provider of substance abuse services. The referral and your receipt of alternative services must occur within a reasonable period of time after you request them. The alternative provider must be accessible to you and have the capacity to provide substance abuse services. The services provided to you by the alternative provider must be of a value not less than the value of services you would have received from this organization.

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