Accessing Treatment

Need immediate help?
Call the Reading Health System 24-Hour Addiction Hotline at (484) 628-HOPE (4673) or Treatment Access and Services Center (TASC) at (610) 375-4426.

Substance abuse treatment is the management and care of a patient suffering from alcohol or drug abuse to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of the disease upon the patient. There are many approaches and options available to those who need treatment. The Council is committed to providing a full continuum of treatment options for Berks County residents who have no public or private health care benefits with which to access drug/alcohol treatment.

Beginning Treatment

In order to begin treatment, you will need to be assessed and evaluated to determine the need for treatment and what level of treatment best addresses those needs. A professional assessment should be conducted by someone qualified to evaluate the nature and extent of any problem and the most appropriate approach to address the problem.

You may seek assessment and evaluation services through Treatment Access and Services Center (TASC), Berks County’s central intake unit or by contacting any of the Council’s Outpatient Treatment Providers.

Please note:

If you are a Pennsylvania resident but live outside of Berks County, contact your County’s Drug and Alcohol Office to find treatment information and services within your area.

If you are not a Pennsylvania resident, SAMHSA can assist in finding a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and treatment information.

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