Detoxification is the process whereby a drug or alcohol-intoxicated or dependent person is assisted through the period of time required to eliminate the presence of the intoxicating substance (by metabolic or other means) and any other dependency factors, while keeping the physiological and psychological risk to the client at a minimum. This process should also include efforts to motivate and support the client to seek formal treatment after the detoxification process.

Reading Hospital Drug & Alcohol Center
402 Buttonwood St., West Reading, PA 19611
(484) 628-8186, Contact Behavioral Health
Detoxification, Short-Term Residential, Hotline/Drop-In, Outpatient

PA Adult & Teen Challenge
33 Teen Challenge Road, PO Box 98
Rehrersburg, PA 19550
(844) 888-8085
Detoxification, Short-Term Residential

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