NEWS: 2012 Annual Conference

2012 Annual Conference
Cyber-Technology: Are we too connected?

COCA Declares Two Part Educational Event A Huge Success

Reading, PA (November 2, 2012) – In its role as the coordinating agency for addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services in Berks County, the Council on Chemical Abuse hosted an extremely relevant conference entitled “Cyber-Technology: Are We Too Connected.”  The conference, held yesterday at the Crowne Plaza in Wyomissing, was presented to almost 250 attendees.

 Dr. Larry Rosen, Ph.D., a professor, lecturer and past chair of the psychology department at California State University, addressed attendees as this year’s keynote speaker.  He explored the healthy and unhealthy use of technology.  Following Dr. Rosen’s keynote presentation, attendees participated in two workshops of their choiceConference workshops included; The Impact of iDisorders, Gaming Addiction: Confessions of a Cyber Junkie, as well as workshops addressing Sex Addiction, Gambling Addiction, a youth panel discussed social media among college students and the avenues available for treatment of these forms of addictions.

Following the conference, keynote speaker, Dr. Larry Rosen, gave a lectured entitled, “Understanding Cyber-Addiction.”  This free presentation held at Alvernia University, discussed the signs and symptoms of the iDISORDER and why many experience the compulsive need to constantly check in with technology.  Many students and professors were in attendance.

Both events left many participants eager to learn more about the various types of cyber-addiction, and the future role of technology.   During the lunch presentation the Council on Chemical Abuse presented awards to individuals and organizations that have exemplified the highest standards in the areas of addiction prevention, intervention, and treatment and recovery services.  This year’s awards were presented to:

Prevention Award           M. Lou Encarnacion, 16th and Hawke Elementary
Intervention Awards       Justin  Bodor, Assistant Berks District Attorney, and Keith A. McConnell, Berks County Public Defender’s Office
Treatment Award            Mary Thomas, TRHMC’s Drug and Alcohol Center
President’s Award           Community Care Behavioral Health

The Conference and evening workshop were sponsored by the Council on Chemical Abuse, Berks County Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/HealthChoices Program, Berks County Children and Youth Services, Substance Abuse Service Providers Association of Berks County, and Community Care Behavioral Health Organization.

In preparation for the conference, the Council conducted a survey on cyber-technology usage.  Survey findings can be found here.

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