Building Upon a Legacy – Annual Report FY 2016/17

Since 1972, the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA) has served the Berks County community, offering prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery services in response to the disease of addiction. Leaders and staff over the last 46 years have laid a solid foundation, on which we are building upon today. In this year’s report, you will find current news and information on programs and resources available to Berks County residents.

For further information regarding programs and statistics for the 2016/17 Fiscal Year running July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017, please CLICK HERE to download our Facts & Figures report.

View an interactive version of the report below:

Additional links related to this year’s publication:
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Treatment Options
Recovery – Resources for friends and family

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Last year’s Annual Report focused on the Opioid Crisis. CLICK HERE to view.

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