Blue Cares Reaches Out to Help Overdose Survivors in Berks

Blue CARES is a collaborative program between Berks County Law Enforcement and the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA). When an individual is revived with NARCAN® Nasal Spray by a Berks County Law Enforcement Officer, COCA and Berks County Law Enforcement schedule a time for a home visit to the overdose survivor and family. A Law Enforcement Officer and Drug & Alcohol Professional engage the overdose survivor in a conversation offering help to access substance use treatment and/or support services. If the individual accepts such help, there is an immediate referral for appropriate services. If no one is home, substance use disorder related literature is left behind. Resources and services available are also provided for family members.

The goals of this program are the following:

  • To encourage the overdose survivor to engage in appropriate addiction treatment.
  • To provide the much needed inspiration and the necessary know-how to facilitate such an admission.
  • To inform family members on how they can help themselves as well as how they can support their loved one.

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