A Clear & Present Danger

Do your students have questions about prescription drugs and heroin?

In response to requests from Berks County schools, Prevention Specialists from the Council on Chemical Abuse developed a 2-part prevention educational program for middle and high school students called “A Clear & Present Danger.” With a specific focus on prescription pain medication and heroin, this program engages youth in conversation about medication safety and addiction. The interactive dialogue provides students with accurate information about prescription drugs and teaches them about the connection between prescription opioid pain medications and heroin.

Topics and discussion in Part One include what are prescription medications, what is misuse, how prescriptions can be used safely, as well as techniques for turning down the pressure to use drugs and engaging in positive alternative activities. In Part Two, students are actively involved in the journey of two fictional characters that represent true stories. Each character misused prescription drugs with different outcomes. Students learn about the progression from misusing prescription opioid drugs to heroin use and addiction. They discuss the reality of death from the disease of addiction, along with the effectiveness of treatment, and the hope that can be found in recovery. The content of this program is age appropriate to the particular student audience.

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For more information about prevention education through the Council on Chemical Abuse and to schedule this program at your school, please contact:

Jaclyn Steed, Prevention Program Manager
(610) 376-8669, Ext. 107

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