2016 National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week – Marijuana

Can a marijuana user go through withdrawal when they stop using? Yes! Keep reading…


It has been shown that marijuana does cause withdrawal symptoms when a user abruptly discontinues using it. The symptoms are closely similar to those of nicotine withdrawal. Common effects of stopping the use of marijuana include insomnia, mood changes, anxious, or craving for the drug. Usually withdrawal appears within two days after discontinuing marijuana and can last up to two weeks which can make it easy for someone to relapse.

Behavioral support, such as therapy and motivational incentives, has been effective in treating marijuana addiction. There have not been any founded medications to ease the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal or help a person become sober. There is promising research headed in the direction of establishing such a phenomenon; although, there is nothing in place as of yet. Researchers are able to pinpoint the part of the brain which reacts and the medication(s) that are most compliable to assist in lessening marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

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