National Drug Facts Week : Medical Cannabis

True or false, there is marijuana that does NOT get someone high?

Day 6 Medical Cannabis Web Pic

TRUE. Not all marijuana gets someone high. There are many different strains of marijuana that stem from the cannabis plant. These strains have different chemical compositions, and sometimes certain strains are sought by people with specific medical needs. For example, strains with very low THC and very high CBD are used to treat some children with epilepsy disorders. This has been accomplished by cross-breeding cannabis plants with low levels of CBD. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the chemical known to cause hallucinations in users. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and does not have a psychoactive property to it, and therefore the plants with high levels of CBD and low in THC do not cause a high. Medical cannabis is not always smoked either, many who get cannabis for medical purposes use it in a liquid serum form.

It is good to note that the marijuana sold in dispensaries as medicine is the same quality and carries the same health risks as marijuana sold on the street. There is still much research to be done regarding the use of marijuana as medicine and the long-term effects on users of all ages. The effects of marijuana can be permanently damaging to users, and those who smoke marijuana also have many of the same effects as tobacco smokers. Learn more about marijuana and the effects on the body from NIDA HERE, and learn about short and long-term effects of marijuana use from Drug Free World HERE.

NIDA provides additional information about marijuana being used as medicine HERE.


Our staff has watched and learned a lot about medical cannabis and the effects of marijuana in the WEED mini-documentary series with Dr. Sanja Gupta. Watch them below:

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