Fall 2011

Addiction News Headlines for Fall 2011


“Many Years Pass Before Folks Get Help for Drugs, Alcohol” (Health Day) 10/6/2011

The time between the start of substance abuse and the first admission for treatment is longer for men than for women, a U.S. government report shows.  Read more>

“Marijuana-shaped candy alarms parents, officials” (Wall Street Journal) 10/10/2011

Candy shaped like marijuana that’s showing up on store shelves around the country won’t get kids high, but aghast city leaders and anti-drug activists say the product and grocers carrying it represent a new low. Read more>

“States Adding Drug Test as Hurdle for Welfare” (New York Times) 10/10/2011

As more Americans turn to government programs for refuge from a merciless economy, a growing number are encountering a new price of admission to the social safety net: a urine sample. Read more>

“White House and MADD join forces against drugged driving” (CNN Health) 10/13/2011

In an effort to combat an increase in the number of teenage drugged driving cases, White House announced Thursday that it will partner with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to create a new information campaign, calling on parents to become more aware of this dangerous trend. Read more>

“Bans help curb abuse of bath salts, officials say” (amednews.com) 10/17/2011

Before Louisiana banned bath salts in January, pediatric emergency physician Corey Hebert, MD, saw one or two patients who were sick from the drugs every week. Some came to the emergency department convulsing; others were hyperaggressive or hypersexual. None seemed the same after the effects wore off.  Read more >

“Medicare to cover screening for alcohol misuse, depression” (Consumer Reports) 10/17/2011

Add screening for depression and excessive drinking to the list of preventive services that Medicare beneficiaries can now get for free, thanks to new rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). And a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the high economic cost of alcohol abuse.  Read more >

“Study: Young heroin users don’t realize risks” (Courier-News) 10/19/2011

A 10-month study of young heroin users from Chicago’s western suburbs concluded that those users have little knowledge about the drug and its effects when they first use it. “These young people didn’t know what they were getting into,” said Kathie Kane-Willis of the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy at Roosevelt University. “They didn’t understand when they tried heroin how easy it would be for them to become dependent, and they didn’t know how severe the withdrawal symptoms could be.”  Read more >

“Study Finds Care For Mentally Ill Veterans Is As Good Or Better Than In Other Health Systems” (Medical News Today) 10/21/2011

Treating U.S. veterans with mental illness and substance use disorders is more expensive than caring for veterans with other medical conditions, costing more than $12 billion in 2007, according to a new RAND Corporation study. Read more >

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