Fall 2016

September 2016

New SAMHSA Report: Full-Time College Students Drink More But Smoke Cigarettes Less Than Other Young Adults (stopalcoholabuse.gov) 9/1/2016

Recently, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released a report that offers critical insight into how full-time college students (ages 18 to 22) differ from others their age in their use of, and attitudes toward, various substances… Read more >

In America’s drug death capital: How heroin is scarring the next generation (CNN) 9/16/2016

Sara Murray tends to two dozen babies in the neonatal therapeutic unit at Cabell Huntington Hospital. They shake. They vomit. Their inconsolable, high-pitched screams pierce the air. The symptoms can last for hours, days or months… Read more >

Seattle’s new war on drugs: Giving heroin addicts ‘safe sites’ to shoot up (LA Times) 9/21/2016

Seattle officials are moving forward with a controversial plan for what would be the nation’s first supervised heroin-injection clinics — government-financed shooting galleries that supporters say can save lives but that critics say will only enable drug users… Read more >

8 Drug Abuse Warnings Signs Everyone Should Know About (SHAPE Magazine) 9/22/2016

It’s been five months since the world went into mourning over the death of Prince—and then went into even deeper shock when it was revealed that the “Purple One” was actually fighting demons in the form of substance abuse… Read more >

Tobacco Smoke Changes Chemical Code on DNA: Study (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 9/22/2016

A new study helps explain how tobacco smoke causes changes to DNA… Read more >

Family: Is teen online gambling a problem? (The Morning Call) 9/26/2016

A 13-year-old friend of my son gambles on the Internet. Apparently all they have to do is lie about their age and have a credit card. Some of the sites accept PayPal, which is even easier for kids. Is this a real problem and should I mention it to his mother?… Read more >

The opioid addict next door: Drug abuse where you least expect it (USA Today) 9/27/2016

Sarah Wilson, wife and mother of four, became addicted to opioid pain medications after she suffered severe injuries from getting hit by an intoxicated driver about eight-years-ago… Read more >

October 2016

Generation Adderall (New York Times) 10/12/2016

Like many of my friends, I spent years using prescription stimulants to get through school and start my career. Then I tried to get off them… Read more >

Department of Health Distributes Life-Saving Narcan to 128 Public High Schools in Pennsylvania (PA.gov) 10/13/2016

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Wolf announced that the Department of Health has provided 128 public high schools in Pennsylvania with free Narcan, a life-saving nasal spray that reverses the effects of opioid overdose. Read more >

Could peer-recovery coaches help fight drug addiction epidemic? (CNN) 10/24/2016

Dustin French, 29, had four drug overdoses in the span of a year… Read more >

“Warm Handoff” Program Aims to Get Overdose Survivors Directly Into Treatment (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 10/26/2016

A new program in Pennsylvania called “warm handoff” directly transfers overdose survivors from the hospital emergency department to a drug treatment provider… Read more >

November 2016

College Students and Binge Drinking: When a Rite of Passage Becomes a Path to Destruction (US News) 11/9/2016

What do weekend parties, Greek life and football games have in common?… Read more >

Does marijuana weaken heart muscles? (CNN) 11/14/2016

Just last week, five more states voted to legalize recreational marijuana, but users may want to be cautious… Read more >

Surgeon general: 1 in 7 in U.S. will face substance addiction (US Today) 11/16/2016

A new federal report released Thursday calls for a shift in the way America addresses substance addictions, finding one in seven Americans will face such disorders… Read more >

78 People Die a Day From Opioid Overdose, Surgeon General Says in Landmark Report (NBC News) 11/17/2016

Addiction is taking a stunning toll on America and must not be thought of as a “character flaw,” the U.S. surgeon general said in a landmark report published Thursday… Read more >

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