Spring 2015

April 2015

Naloxone to be available to first responders without prescription (Reading Eagle) 4/6/2015

Pennsylvania’s new physician general will sign a standing order on Tuesday that will give first responders the ability to acquire naloxone – a lifesaving prescription drug that can reverse the effects of a heroin overdose… Read more >

National group praises Wolf’s overdose antidote plan (Reading Eagle) 4/6/2015

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Gov. Tom Wolf said Monday he plans to expand access to a prescription drug that can prevent overdose fatalities by having the state’s physician general in effect issue a statewide prescription that would allow any Pennsylvanian to obtain the antidote directly from pharmacies… Read more >

Pennsylvania State Police troopers add life-saving drug to their arsenal (WFMZ) 4/7/2015

Pennsylvania State Police troopers are adding a life-saving drug to their arsenal… Read more >

Pennsylvania State Police to Carry Life-saving Naloxone to Combat Heroin and Opioid Overdoses (BCTV.org) 4/7/2015

The Wolf Administration today announced that the Pennsylvania State Police would begin carrying the important life-saving opioid overdose reversal antidote, naloxone… Read more >

First responders getting overdose-fighting drug (Reading Eagle) 4/8/2015

Every one of the roughly 1,200 state police cruisers in use across Pennsylvania will soon be outfitted with naloxone, a prescription medicine that can reverse the effects of an overdose of heroin or other opiate drugs… Read more >

Boozing in Movies May Boost Teen Drinking (Health Day) 4/13/2015

Seeing actors drink alcohol in movies seems to increase the likelihood that teens will drink and have alcohol-related problems, a new study suggests… Read more >

Editorial: Good news welcome in difficult fight against heroin (Reading Eagle) 4/15/2015

Good news has been hard to come by when it comes to heroin addiction in our area and the devastating impact it is having on the people taking the deadly drug along with their loved ones… Read more >

Synthetic marijuana sending young adults to emergency rooms in Lehigh County (Reading Eagle) 4/22/2015

Dozens of young adults have wound up in the emergency departments of two Lehigh County hospitals over the past several days after overdosing on synthetic marijuana known as K2… Read more >

Hospitals Report Hundreds of Cases of Illness Caused by Synthetic Marijuana (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 4/28/2015 

Hospitals across the country have been reporting hundreds of cases of seriously ill people coming to the emergency room after using synthetic marijuana… Read more >

May 2015

People Who Initially Use Drugs Only on Weekends Often Slide Into Weekday Use (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 5/12/2015

People who initially use drugs only on the weekend often start using them during the week, a new study suggests… Read more >

More Than 20% of World’s Adults Smoke; 5% Have Alcohol Use Disorder (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 5/20/2015

More than 20 percent of the world’s adult population—one billion people—smoke, while almost 5 percent—240 million—have an alcohol use disorder, according to a new report…. Read more >

What is flakka (aka gravel) and why is it more dangerous than cocaine? (CNN.com) 5/26/2015

It goes by the name flakka. In some parts of the country, it is also called “gravel” because of its white crystal chunks that have been compared to aquarium gravel… Read more >

Graphic Images on Cigarette Warning Labels More Effective Than Words: Study (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 5/28/2015

Graphic photographs on cigarette warning labels appear to be more effective than text warnings in convincing smokers to try to quit, a new study suggests… Read more >

June 2015

Getting High on Heroin; Many Pay the Ultimate Price (BCTV.org) 6/1/2015

Heroin addiction has been creeping into communities for a long time; but it’s no longer a back alley issue… Read more >

Grants to target underage, dangerous drinking in Berks Schools, police departments to share nearly $260,000 from PLCB (69 News) 6/11/2015

SPRING TWP., Pa. – A man who represented Berks County in Congress for two decades returned to the area Thursday in his new role as chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board… Read more >

Report: Drug overdose death rates increase in 26 states 6/18/15

Drug overdose death rates have increased in 26 states and Washington, D.C., and overdoses continue to outpace car crashes as the leading cause of injury-related deaths, according to a new report… Read more >

Teens Unfamiliar With Harms of Pot, E-Cigs, Study Finds (Health Day) 6/23/2015

Teens may have a firm grasp on the dangers of smoking cigarettes, but they appear less clear about how using marijuana or electronic cigarettes might harm their health, new research suggests… Read more >

Preventing Your Teen from Using Drugs: It’s All About Persuasion (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 6/25/2015

“Prevention is all about persuasion.”… Read more >

World-class triathlete Lionel Sanders battled drug addiction (USA Today) 6/30/2015

A mile into the marathon, Lionel Sanders was in the hurt box… Read more >

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