Spring/Summer 2011

Addiction News Headlines for Spring/Summer 2011


“Big Spike Recorded in Older Drug Alcohol Addicts” (NPR) 5/18/2011

They go around this room at the Hanley Center telling of their struggles with alcohol and drugs. They tell of low points and lapses, brushes with death and pain caused to families. And silently, through the simple fact that each is in their 60s or beyond, they share one more secret: Addiction knows no age. Read more >


“Benzodiazepine Abuse Treatment Admissions Have Tripled from 1998 to 2008” (SAMHSA) 6/9/2011

A new national study shows that from 1998 to 2008 (the most recent year with available figures) substance abuse treatment admissions among those 12 and older related to the abuse of benzodiazepine drugs rose from 22,400 in 1998 to approximately 60,200 in 2008. Read more>


“Smoking, Diabetes, Obesity May Shrink Your Brain” (Health Day) 8/1/2011

As if there weren’t already enough good reasons to avoid smoking and keep your weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure all under control, a new study suggests these risk factors in middle age may cause your brain to shrink, leading to mental declines up to a decade later. Read more >

“One Fifth of Teens Taking Controlled Drugs Misuse Them” (The Partnership at Drugfree.org) 8/2/11

A survey of teenagers finds 22 percent of those taking controlled medications, such as painkillers or stimulants, misused the drugs in the past year. Misuse includes taking too much of the drug, intentionally getting high, or using the drugs to increase alcohol or other drugs’ effects. Read more >

“Heavy Smoking on the Decline Among High School Students” (The Partnership at Drugfree.org) 8/5/2011

The percentage of high school smokers who smoke at least 11 cigarettes a day is on the decline, a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds. ‘Light’ smoking—defined as between one and five cigarettes a day—is increasing among U.S. high school students.  Read more >

“Twice as Many Troops Abusing Alcohol” (SunTimes) 8/5/2011

The number of troops abusing alcohol has roughly doubled in the last five years as soldiers go through the stressful cycle of training, serving in the wars, readjusting to home life and then doing it all over again months later, an Army health official says. Read more >

“More Marines May Get Alcohol Abuse Treatment” (Marine Times) 8/8/2011

With orders from the top, the Marine Corps’ inspector general is canvassing the service to see how well commands are enforcing rules on alcohol use among Marines. Read more >

“Campus Life 101: Staying Sober” (Wall Street Journal) 8/10/2011

As a high school senior, Aaron Weir decided to attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock, not for any particular academic program but for the hospitality that school extends toward students in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Read more >

“Majority of Children from Drug Producing Homes are Healthy, Drug Free (The Partnership at Drugfree.org) 8/11/2011

A new study suggests a majority of children who are removed from homes where drugs are produced are healthy and drug free. The study of 75 children who lived in homes where illegal drugs were produced found one-third tested positive for at least one drug. Read more >

“A Sober Lesson that Seems to Stick” (Boston.com) 8/13/2011

A study of 30 campuses nationwide found that an online educational course that showed students in attention-grabbing detail the consequences of excessive drinking had significantly reduced common alcohol-related problems among freshmen, including binge drinking and sexual assault. Read more >

“Army Pilot Program Allows Soldiers to Confidentially Enroll in Alcohol Treatment” (The Partnership at Drugfree.org) 8/16/2011

A pilot Army program allows soldiers at high risk for developing alcohol problems to enroll in a confidential treatment program that will not adversely impact their careers. The program, which started at three Army installations, is now at six posts. Read more >

“Cigarette Companies file 2nd Suit Over Warnings” (New York Times) 8/16/2011

Five tobacco companies filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington late Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of regulations and graphic warning labels under the 2009 law that imposed federal regulation on tobacco. Read more >

“New Products in Works to Replace Banned Bath Salts, Synthetic Pot, Salvia” (PennLive.com) 8/22/2011

When horror stories about bath salts and synthetic marijuana began circulating, lawmakers in Pennsylvania acted swiftly to ban the so-called fake drugs. But manufacturers are even quicker. Read more >

“Second Annual National Drug Facts Week Begins October 31st” (The Partnership at Drugfree.org) 8/22/2011

Teens and drug experts will connect for the second annual National Drug Facts Week, held Oct. 31 through Nov. 6. This week-long observance will bring together teens and scientific experts in community events across the country to discuss scientific facts about drug abuse. It is sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a component of the National Institutes of Health. Read more >

“Judge Sets Date for Cigarette Warning Labels Hearing” (The Partnership at Drugfree.org) 8/25/2011

A U.S. judge said he will hear the tobacco industry’s request for a preliminary injunction on the Food and Drug Administration’s requirement that cigarette packages carry graphic warning labels on Sept. 21.  Read more >

“Pennsylvania Convicted Criminals Not Tested for ‘Bath Salts’ ” (The Partnership at Drugfree.org) 8/26/2011

Mandated drug testing for convicted criminals in Pennsylvania generally does not include the newly banned “bath salts,” WNEP-TV reports. Read more >

Teen Substance Abuse Sees Darkside of Opioid Use” (The Partnership at Drugfree.org) 8/26/2011

From “pharming” to pill parties, teens are abusing prescription drugs in dangerous ways, and can become addicted quickly, warns an adolescent substance abuse specialist at Children’s Hospital Boston. Read more >

“Teen Drinking Smoking Higher Among Facebook Users” (USA Today) 8/26/2011

U.S. teens who use social networking sites and watch “suggestive” TV shows are more likely to use drugs and alcohol than teens with little exposure to such media, a new survey found. Read more >


“SAMHSA Assesses Recent Trends in Illicit Drug Use” (Pre-Med) 9/8/2011

The use of illicit drugs and alcohol remained similar between 2009 and 2010, but was higher than in 2008, according to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, published Sept. 8 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at the start of the 22nd annual National Recovery Month held in September in United States. Read more>

“Survey Finds 14% of New Yorkers Smoke” (New York Times) 9/15/2011

Just 14 percent of New York City adults said they were smokers in 2010, the lowest level since the city began tracking the smoking rate nearly two decades ago, according to a survey released on Thursday. Read more>

“More Accidental Drug Poisoning of Children” (New York Times) 9/16/2011

The growing use of prescription drugs by adults, from pain relievers to sleep aids and heart medications, has led to an increase in accidental drug poisonings of children, new research shows. Read more>

“Heavy Drinking May Leave You Tipsy For Years” (Fox News) 9/16/2011

Wobbly walking and clumsy moves are classic signs that someone’s been drinking, and a new study suggests balance problems can afflict heavy drinkers for years after they sober up. Read more>

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