Summer 2015

July 2015

E-Cigarette Poisoning (Children’s Safety Network)

An infographic on the safe risks associated with nicotine overdoses. See it here >

Spike Nation (New York Times) 7/8/2015

One evening in April, Ethan Darbee, a 24-year-old paramedic in Syracuse, responded to a call on the city’s south side: unknown man down… Read more >

It swallowed his life: Cough-syrup abuse kills Exeter grad (Reading Eagle) 7/9/2015

As kids dribble and shoot on the Exeter High School courts next month, they will be celebrating the memory of the big guy who loved half-court hoops but couldn’t overcome the powerful draw of an addiction that ended up killing him… Read more >

‘Faust’ opera to unite addiction experts in forum (Reading Eagle) 7/21/2015

When Charles Gounod’s opera “Faust” was placed on Berks Opera Company’s schedule for this summer, the company’s artistic director, Francine Black, and executive director, Tamara Black, decided to go beyond simply presenting one more operatic masterpiece… Read more >

Opera helps pave a path beyond drugs and alcohol (Reading Eagle) 7/24/2015

If “The Devil’s in the Drugs,” the cure probably won’t come from songs… Read more >

E-cigarettes may be just as addictive as the real thing (CBS News) 7/24/2015

While electronic cigarettes, commonly known as “e-cigs,” have a reputation as a tool to help smokers quit, new research suggests they may be just as addictive as traditional cigarettes… Read more >

August 2015

Naloxone used to save nearly 300 lives ( 8/21/2015

Hundreds of lives have been saved since police began carrying naloxone earlier this year… Read more >

The heroin epidemic’s toll: One county, 70 minutes, eight overdoses (Washington Post) 8/23/2015

The first call came at 7:33 p.m. last Sunday: Two people had overdosed on heroin in a home just a few hundred yards from the station where firefighters were awaiting their nightly round of drug emergencies…. Read more >

Police in Berks County taking part in nationwide campaign targeting drunken drivers (Reading Eagle) 8/26/2015

As summer winds down, Berks County police departments are ramping up enforcement efforts as part of a national crackdown on drunken driving…. Read more >

How The Prescription Painkiller Fentanyl Became A Street Drug (NPR) 8/26/2015

If you’ve ever had surgery, you may have been given an analgesic named fentanyl… Read more >

Battle of the Bands battle substance abuse: Brandywine Task Force and Kutztown Strong combine efforts for event (Berks-Mont News) 8/31/2015

“Where’s BOB? Who’s BOB?” signs were posted around the community. BOB, a Battle of the Bands, was held Saturday at the Brandywine Heights High School… Read more >

September 2015

FDA warns distributors of powdered caffeine ( 9/2/2015

Coffee, sodas and energy drinks — many of us drink caffeine everyday. It’s safe for most folks, but in the wrong dose it can be deadly… Read more>

Vaping: The latest scourge in drug abuse (CNN) 9/4/2015

Emergency rooms in South Florida are filling up with patients suffering from synthetic drug overdoses, and the problem is getting worse due to a device that’s ostensibly supposed to help people quit smoking… Read more >

E-Cigarettes Being Used to Vaporize Marijuana (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 9/8/2015

E-cigarettes are being used by more people to smoke marijuana or synthetic drugs, CNN reports… Read more >

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