Summer 2016

June 2016

How Prince’s Death Can Help Abolish The Stigma Of Opioid Addiction (Forbes) 6/5/2016

With opioid-related overdoses increasing over the years, the cause of Prince’s death has become, regrettably, commonplace in many local communities… Read more >

I’m a stay-at-home mom. I’m an addict. (Washington Post) 6/6/2016

Since his death, there have been countless articles speculating why a man as rich and famous as Prince would “allow” himself to become addicted to painkillers. But no one plans on becoming an addict. I know this because I, an educated stay-at-home mom, am an addict… Read more >

FDA: People are overdosing on anti-diarrhea drugs (CBS News) 6/7/2016

Federal health officials are investigating sometimes-deadly overdoses with common anti-diarrhea drugs, a bizarre manifestation of the nation’s drug abuse problem… Read more >

New Technology Aims to Improve Buprenorphine Treatment in Young Adults (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 6/9/2016

When addiction treatment specialist Zev Schuman-Olivier, MD, found that young adults taking buprenorphine to treat their opioid addiction often stopped using the medication, he began looking for a novel way to address the problem… Read more >

Special session called to find solutions to Pa.’s opioid epidemic: ‘This is about saving lives’ ( 6/23/2016

With an average of seven people who died every day from an opioid overdose in 2014 and even a higher number in 2015, House Republicans and Democrats, along with Gov. Tom Wolf, stand together in saying it’s time to put a laser-like focus on addressing this high-profile problem affecting thousands of Pennsylvanians… Read more >

As with Prince, baby boomers’ chronic pain means risk of opioid abuse ( 6/27/2016

hen music legend Prince died in April from an overdose of fentanyl, it looked like just another example of celebrity excess. But his death is more a cautionary tale for some of his peers: aging baby boomers… Read more >

July 2016

Addiction Across America: A Traveling Web Series

Facing Addiction Across America: A Web Series chronicles the journey of two best friends as they travel from their home state of California to Philadelphia recording episodes of their journey (The first video is scheduled to go live July 11).

Studies Suggest Parents Can Play Important Role in Preventing Teen Drinking (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 7/14/2016

Two new studies suggest parents can play an important role in preventing teens from drinking, NPR reports… Read more >

Pennsylvania Set to Hike Cigarette Tax by a Buck Per Pack (NBC) 7/19/2016

Cigarette taxes are on the way up in Pennsylvania… Read more >

Democrats aren’t the only tourists flocking to Philadelphia. So are heroin addicts (LA Times) 7/23/2016

As Democrats from across the country flock to Philadelphia for their national convention, they won’t be the only tourists in town… Read more >

Opioid epidemic focus of roundtable discussion in Pottstown (Reading Eagle) 7/27/2016

U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello on Tuesday pointed to the number of overdose deaths in Pennsylvania and stressed the importance of addressing the opioid epidemic… Read more >

Pennsylvania cigarette tax hike goes into effect  (WFMZ) 7/31/2016

Pennsylvania’s cigarette tax is going up by a buck per pack, giving smokers one more reason to quit or cross the border to buy… Read more >

August 2016

After their children died of overdoses, these families chose to tell the truth (The Washington Post) 8/1/2016

The Facebook post about Jordan Roche was startlingly frank: “As you may or may not know, my son Jordan passed away September 26th from a heroin overdose,” his mother wrote. “Jordan was a sweet young man with a great big heart… Read more >

‘This Is Your Brain on Drugs,’ Tweaked for Today’s Parents (The New York Times) 8/7/2016

For a generation of commercial-watching adolescents, it was an indelible image: an egg, sizzling in a frying pan, representing “your brain on drugs.”… Read more >

FDA’s New E-Cigarette Rules Go Into Effect This Week (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) 8/9/2016

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new rules on tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, went into effect Monday, HealthDay reports… Read more >

US surgeon general sends warning letter to all doctors on opioid epidemic (CNN) 8/25/2016

In the next few days, every doctor in the United States will be receiving this letter (PDF) from the US surgeon general… Read more >

Vivek Murthy Sends A Letter About Opioids To Every Doctor In America (Huffington Post) 8/26/2016

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued an unprecedented letter to doctors and other medical professionals on Thursday, asking for their help to solve the United States’ devastating opioid epidemic… Read more >

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