NEWS: Understanding Addiction


For the past eight weeks, a series of presentations, information and resources were shared with members from the Berks County Community and beyond about the dynamics associated with the disease of addiction.  Understanding Addiction and Recovery series provided education, awareness and hope to individuals, families and friends about the effects of alcohol and other drugs.  Each Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. beginning on April 14, 2016, topics about addiction, codependency, intervention and recovery increased attendees’ knowledge.  In addition to the presentations, written materials and information on local addiction treatment and recovery resources were available. Attendees indicated the series helped to increase their knowledge about addiction; identify characteristics of enabling and gave them courage to set personal boundaries as well as connect them to resources in the community.

The series was a collaborative among – Caron Treatment Centers, Common Ground Recovery Ministry, Council on Chemical Abuse, Easy Does It, Inc., and Treatment Access Services Center.  A special thank you, to St. John’s Lutheran Church for allowing the series to take place at their site.

It is anticipated that future series will be presented in the near future.  Please visit for information on future dates and times for this series.

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