Recovery Resources

Recovery & Me

A website and social networking accounts devoted to the Berks County recovery community. Recovery & Me welcomes questions and ideas for recovery topics, as well as personal stories to share with others in need.

Internet Resources

AA – The International Journal of AA articles, stories, jokes, letters, and subscriptions
Barefoot’s Recovery Site– Index of AA History
Faces and Voices of Recovery – Faces & Voices is the nationally-recognized voice of the organized recovery community.
Hindsfoot Foundation – A nonprofit organization for the history and theory of alcoholism treatment and the moral and spiritual dimensions of recovery
In the Rooms – A comprehensive online social network for the recovery community on all addictions
Jaywalker Site – A site dedicated to the 12 Steps as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
Recovery Emporium – Recovery resources, articles, links, and daily readings
Recovery Now News – Aims to inspire struggling addicts, alcoholics, and their families by presenting real-life stories of triumph over addiction.
Recovery Swag – A great place to find gifts for a sponsor/sponsee, or anyone in recovery – including yourself. – One of the largest databases of historical information about Alcoholics Anonymous
The Daily Pledge – Online social media site that helps people throughout the world maintain their recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors
Stories of Hope – A network of recovery stories to be shared to inspire others.

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