Thursday October 1, 2015; Berks County Services Center

Commissioner Meeting 10.1.15Close to 100 individuals with varying lengths of sobriety attended the Berks County Commissioners meeting earlier today. These individuals wanted to say “thank you” and show their appreciation for the Commissioners’ on-going financial and moral support for addiction related prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services. Several individuals, whose recovery ranged from 3 months to 38 years, made statements expressing their heartfelt gratitude for a chance to live a life free from the yoke of addiction.

These individuals are a shining example that recovery does happen and that the recovery community in Berks County is vibrant, growing and willing to stand-up and be heard.

Commissioners Barnhardt, Leinbach and Scott were appreciative and clearly impressed by both the number in attendance and the passion they showed. The Commissioners reiterated their ongoing commitment to addressing addiction related issues in the Berks County. In response to recent articles in the local newspaper regarding the amount Berks County spends to address drug and alcohol problems, Commissioner Leinbach suggested that the Reading Eagle run a series of articles that focuses on the estimated 32,000 people in Berks County living in long-term recovery in Berks County. Individuals and families struggling with addiction need stories of healing and hope.

CLICK HERE to watch the meeting on-demand thanks to BCTV.

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