Red Ribbon Week 2016

Red Ribbon Week is nationally recognized and celebrated as a symbol of support for efforts to reduce drug use through youth prevention and education programs. By wearing a red ribbon during the last week in October, individuals demonstrate their opposition to illegal drugs and illustrate their dedication to living drug-free and fighting against illegal drug use. This year’s theme “Don’t Get Hooked” is designed to encourage students to think about the risk of “getting hooked” to video games, gambling and drugs and alcohol.

COCA-RRW-FINAL-PNGThe 2016 campaign will run from October 24-28, and the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA) once again sponsored the campaign by providing red ribbons to all Berks County schools. Last year, the Council distributed over 40,000 ribbons to Berks County schools!

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CLICK HERE to download this year’s teacher’s guide. 

Learn more about the Red Ribbon Week Campaign.

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