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Did you know video games and gambling have the same effect on the brain?

What do we love about playing games like Candy Crush, or connecting with friends online to play FIFA, Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty? In this lesson, we talk with students about what gambling is, and how it is related to video gaming. We discuss how and why games are created to get us hooked, and how the brain reacts to us playing. If the brain reacts the same way to drugs and alcohol as it does to gaming and gambling or eating our favorite food, when does something become an addiction? Students will learn about addiction as a brain disease and the signs and symptoms. The discussion will include warning signs of addiction and what we can do if/when we see a friend or family member who may be struggling with addiction. The presentation ends with a discussion around how to “play well.”

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For more information about prevention education through the Council on Chemical Abuse and to schedule this program at your school, please contact:

Jaclyn Steed, Prevention Program Manager
(610) 376-8669, Ext. 107

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