Testimonials to Fight the Stigma of Addiction

The Council on Chemical Abuse, in partnership with SOS Berks Opioid Coalition, has launched a new campaign to reduce the stigma associated with addiction. In June, we had our board room transformed into a film studio for a day, as a team of videographers interviewed six Berks County residents who had been impacted by addiction. Those interviewed included two people who had lost family members to overdoses and four people who are in recovery from addiction. Their stories are heartbreaking and inspiring.  You can view all the testimonials on the SOS Berks website.

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the true faces of addiction and recovery, and to encourage all people to be supportive and compassionate toward those impacted by the disease of addiction. We are grateful to all those who bravely shared their difficult stories–their testimonials are crucial to helping people understand why stigma is so damaging.

Do you have a story you want to share to help fight stigma?

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Please note: Participants must reside or work in Berks County.

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