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3.13.15 Tobacco Age Twitter

If the age to buy tobacco was raised, could it lower the initiation of young smokers? A new report from The Institute of Medicine addresses the effects on tobacco use if the minimum age of legal access (MLA) was raised. The majority of states have set the MLA at 18, but a few have raised it to 19 and recently New York City raised the age to 21. The FDA cannot raise the MLA nationwide, so it must be raised by individual states and localities. The report concludes that by raising the age to buy tobacco it will “likely prevent or delay initiation of tobacco use by adolescents and young adults (pg.2).”

Read the whole report from The Institute of Medicine HERE.

Beyond traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are now gaining popularity. The Monitoring the Future survey in 2014 reported that 8% of teens are currently smoking cigarettes, but 14% are using e-cigarettes and the number is growing. With the age of buying tobacco products being raised the hopes that teen smoking will continue to decrease, but we must continue to educate and make aware the unknowns of the new e-cigarettes. “They are being advertised as glamorous and sexy,” said Jackie Steed, Prevention Manager at the Council, about the e-cigarettes.

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