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Emergency Medical Services: Saving Lives

The Topton American Legion Community Ambulance Services provide Basic and Advanced Life Support to the community involving eleven different municipalities. Their goal is to provide the best quality care to the people they serve. In 2015, Topton Ambulance responded to over 1200 calls. Tyler Bard, Chief of Emergency Medical Services for the ambulance company has been involved with Topton Ambulance Services for the past 10 years. Tyler states he has always wanted to help others and his passion grew even more when he attended EMT classes. In his role, Tyler works in collaboration with the Council on Chemical Abuse to facilitate training for the residents of Berks County about Naloxone and how to treat someone who has overdosed from using opioids. Naloxone also known as Narcan is an opioid antagonist and reverses the effects of opioid overdose. Tyler states it is important that individuals administering Naloxone receive training on how to administer the drug and to contact 911. Tyler says that he has administered Naloxone and believes everyone should be aware of its benefits – it is a life saver.

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